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"The Teaser!" by Laids Cretins des Alpes

“The Teaser!” by Laids Cretins des Alpes


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The Teaser!

The Album 'MORTEL!' (KILLER!) was written and composed essentially by the Dr Droopi since the end of the recordings sessions for the last album “keskonvafair?”.

The songs were, for the greater part, tested during live concerts and in diverse artistic residences. No special songwriting or techniques of composition used, but both the words and music were written at the same time, except for example for the song “y'ti-y-es-tu?”, which the music was partially written in the 80s…

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The arrangements were written by the band before the recording process but we have also took advantage of the creative part of the studio recording to put more tracks of arrangement, particularly choirs and guitars.

We took our time, both for recording, mixing and mastering because we wanted to obtain a professional result, an 'Old School' sound, which cut with many current productions.

We privileged spontaneity and energy from all the participants and invited some guests stars like Gari Greu from Massilia Sound System, Mickey from Starshooter, Walther Gallay from Caf Bertrand, Marko Balland the famous French Harmonica player and of course Jean Paul Avellaneda, sound engineer and Artrtistic-Director at Studio EVS (Oraison FRANCE), who have not only been sound engineer and arranger on this album but has also plays guitars for famous parts on this record!

We also took care, of course, to master this record at the optimum at studio NERVES WOS in 'Salon de Provence' (FRANCE).

Further information is available at

Further information added May 23 2011, in response to Peter of Canada…


I'm glad this record pleases you!

I'm the second engineer on this album, and the engineer on the previous one, wich is been chronicled here, few years ago …

The physical CD's will be available soon on the following website :

Here you can also buy the 2nd Album :

If you want to contact directly the band in FRANCE to order the CDs and some Goodies ( T shirts, Badges, Stickers ….. i think there is a few ones availables !! ….) please contact this adress :

Association GeVoix
1 rue du tuve –
13710 FUVEAU

…and ask for sheeping fees at

Enjoy and good music!

Fabrice, former Audio Masterclass student….

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