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The SidStation Returns for a Limited Run

The SidStation Returns for a Limited Run


100 factory new SID 6581 chips (used in the Commodore C64 home computer) have been secured by Elektron, allowing for a brief return of the SidStation synthesizer. At least for a short while the unique SID sound can find its way to the control of new daring musicians.

The new batch of SidStations is built exactly like the previous ones. All original parts have been hunted down to assure the original sound. They are all manufactured in Sweden by the original company.

The price of this batch of SidStations is set to EUR 920 inside the European Union and USD 950 for USA and outside EU. The price is subject to change. The units will be sold only by Elektron to end customers directly from their web site.

For more information, visit their web site at

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