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“The Second Wave” Library for Wusikstation Released


November 16, 2004 and Back In Time Records have announced the release of “The Second Wave” for Wusikstation, a 680 MB sound set of 478 waves together with 96 presets.

The joint development of the presets and samples has been especially produced and compiled for use in Wusikstation, a hybrid vector and wave sequencer synthesiser for PC VST hosts. Wusikstation already comes with close to 400MB of waveforms, so with the addition of this library, you'll have over one gigabyte of sounds on tap This new sound set encompasses waveforms reminiscent of classic wave sequencing synthesisers through to new and unheard sounds.

The sampled instruments used for the sound sets include Clavinet D6, Hammond B3, Korg CX3, Farfisa and Continental organs, CP70B electric grand piano, Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos, electric and acoustic guitars, ethnic plucked instruments such as the bouzouki and saz as well as real strings. Vintage synthesisers include the Minimoog, Korg PS3100, MonoPoly and MS20, Roland Jupiter 8, Oberheim,ARP, SCI Prophet 5 and many more.

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The Second Wave costs $39.95 and is available as a download or on CD from

For more information, visit their web site at

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