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The pinnacle of your career - an effects pedal named for you?

The pinnacle of your career – an effects pedal named for you?


If you are a guitarist then you will doubtless be striving for the ultimate tone. It has almost become a cliche hasn't it? Either you will be trying to emulate someone else's signature sound (don't worry, it's just a phase you're going through) or you are trying to invent your own.

The sound of an electric guitar is created by the combination of pickups, instrument, pedals, amplifier and speaker. And the player of course.

So, if you bought your equipment from a catalog that had twenty of each item, that would give you 160,000 different combinations to choose from. And that's ignoring the myriad further variations you can get with the settings.

So somewhere out there is the 'ultimate tone' that's right for you – it will allow you to express, aggress, strut, pose (and perhaps even pull!) to your heart's content.

But with a selection of effects pedals strung together, it can be a bit of a bore plugging everything together before a gig or session.

But hey, by now you are probably famous. So simply go to a manufacturer of effects pedals and persuade them to create your 'signature' pedal – a pedal that bears your name and encapsulates your sound.

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Keep this quiet – you'll even get paid for it, possibly royalties on sales!

So the ultimate accolade for the guitarist may not be fame, wealth or even musical success. It's when you have your own signature pedal and every young guitarist that wants to be like you is buying it!

P.S. Check out the Digitech Crossroads Eric Clapton signature pedal!

David Mellor

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