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The next big thing in recording - the Laptop Studio?

The next big thing in recording – the Laptop Studio?


It ain't a concept until it's gotta name!

Like many successful concepts, they hang around for a while, build up momentum – and then someone thinks up a name and suddenly BOOM! Everyone wants one.

Well the latest is the 'Laptop Studio'. Yes, the concept has been around for while, but you don't hear the name too often. Until now.

The principal components of the laptop studio are the laptop computer (of course!), an audio interface and recording software.

So that we can share ideas of what people are choosing for their laptop studios and why, we would like you to let us know what equipment and software you have, why you have chosen it, and how it suits the work you do.

So if you have an interesting laptop studio, and can write 300 or so intelligent words in good English (that's the stuff with spelling and grammar), you can see your laptop studio featured here (yes, that's exactly here – not tucked away somewhere). Oh, don't forget to add a photo. Of your laptop studio, not you. A link to your website, if you have one, will undoubtedly make you vastly more popular.

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We don't need info on your other equipment, just the computer, interface and software.

Send in your info to , closing date March 20, 2005.

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