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The myth that singers should always stand


A quick tip for working with vocalists…

Should you record your singer standing or sitting (that's the singer,not you)?

The standard answer intuitively is standing. The chest can expand moreand the diaphragm (the membrane that separates the thorax from theabdomen) can move downwards more easily.

But many singers suffer from poor voice control. A skilled singer hastrained their brain to exert minute control over the movements of theribcage and diaphragm. Many singers however have little control overthese important movements.

It can therefore actually help for the singer to sit. This way, thediaphragm is pushed upwards with a much more constant pressure by theabdominal organs. This results in a more sustainable tone of voiceand a subjectively more confident delivery.

It doesn't work for all singers, but it's definately worth giving it atry.

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