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The Mouse Kit is back

The Mouse Kit is back


From BuildYourOwnClone: The Mouse was one of our most popular kits and it's been out of stock for a while.  We're very sorry about that.  It was being updated.  We got rid of the rotary switch and replaced it with a simple, more durable, 3-way toggle switch.  It now has Silicon, LED, and Germanium diode clipping options.  We've also added a 4th knob, a presence control, often referred to as the “Ruetz mod”.  This is a very popular modification for the Rat circuit.  And of course it still comes with the LM308N chip.  The PCB has been redesigned for an easier build.  All jacks are on the top now.  And because we no longer need to use an expensive rotary switch, we were able to lower the price too!  Now $69.99!

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Also, the Scrambled Octave (Ampeg Scrambler clone) and Octave Fuzz (Octavia clone) are back in stock.  These haven't gone through any changes, they were just out of stock for a while because we couldn't find parts.  So get them now before they are out of stock again.

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