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The MIDI Association (TMA)

The MIDI Association (TMA), the free community for MIDI users, is launching the second annual May is MIDI Month membership and donation drive


The MIDI Association (TMA), the free community for MIDI users, is launching the second annual May is MIDI Month membership and donation drive.

May is MIDI Month is a celebration of MIDI for the entire MIDI community: companies making MIDI products, the press/media, and musicians and artists who regularly use MIDI. MIDI connects products from different companies together and also connects creative people from around the world.

As Platinum Sponsors, Ableton, IK Multimedia, Native Instruments, Roland, ROLI, Sweetwater, and Yamaha have committed to matching up to $2000 in individual TMA member donations in May.

Gold Sponsors including Analog Devices, Art & Logic, Bome, Moog Music, Melodics, and Keith McMillan Instruments have committed to matching up to $1000.

TMA media sponsors, including the one you are probably reading this on now, donate free coverage and public service announcements about TMA events likeMay is MIDI Month.

The MIDI Association member musicians and artists are being asked to donate directly to the May Is MIDI Month goal of $2000 in individual donations athttps://www.midi.org/fundraising. Matching donations from our sponsors will multiply that to $22,000.

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The funds raised will be used to improve TMA member services and develop interactive content to explain new MIDI specifications like the exciting new MIDI 2.0 protocol.

The MIDI.org website is the definitive source for MIDI instructional materials, including tutorials. videos, and specifications. Traffic to the MIDI.org web site exploded in January, 2019 with over 117,009 unique hits to an article announcingMIDI 2.0 prototyping.

Look for more details of plans for May Is MIDI Month 2019 soon.

About The MIDI Association (TMA)

The MIDI Association (TMA), a growing, global community of over 20,000 individuals from over 108 countries who work, play, and create with MIDI technology at www.midi.org.

To stay up to date with the latest MIDI news and stories, access current MIDI specifications, and receive the MIDI Association's MIDI Message Newsletter, sign up for free at: https://www.midi.org/midi-signup.

About The MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA)

The MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) supports the TMA. The MMA is an international group of over 60 hardware and software companies working together to develop new MIDI specifications and promote MIDI technology.

For more information on the MMA corporate membership,
please visit www.midi.org/about-the-mma.

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