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“The Land of Bad Water” by Fat Chief Studios


Recorded this song using the Akai DPS 24. All instrument tracks are single takes with no metronome and the song itself was written on the spot with no rehearsal of any kind.

First track was the rythmn guitar part played on a Schecter Omen6 with EMG's installed. A three chord riff played over and over and over. I used a VOX valve tronic 2-12 100watt combo with the amp set to the lowest output setting (this all started as an experiment in recording amps at low volumes)and one of the factory presets with a Sennhiser 609 silver with the stock preamp in the DPS.

Next, I recorded the vocals. I used a Shure SM7b with a M Audio TAMPA pre-amp. I had the compressors set at -10 dB with a Ratio of 4:1 and the attack and realease times were at 1ms and 250 ms. The lyrics were written five minutes before recording the vocals and there was no thought what-so-ever to how they would fit or a melody, I just had an idea of where they should go. Maybe that why they go all over. The back-up vocals were a after thought of the mains and I thought they added a little something so I kept them.

Still no rehearsel. I know the vocals are way off, but I am way off and I am really not a singer, but they are an excellent recording of my voice and as much as I cringe when I hear my voice, I really can't believe how the well the recording came out without overloads.

The drums were next, A four piece Gretsch recorded with an Audix D6 on the bass drum with onboard compressor within the DPS and slight EQ, a Cad e-60 on each tom and 2 Studio Projects C-1 microphones as overheads appox. 3 feet above the cymbals with a little over 2 feet between them pointing straight down, one at the edge of the crash and edge of the ride. The other pointed at the edge of the high hat. The snare had a Audix I5 and all preamps were the DPS's. No compression, no eq.

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Next, the Bass Guitar was recorded direct thru the Hi-Z input.The bass was a Schecter stiletto 4 string with active EMG's and all knobs turned all the way up. No compression and no EQ out side of the guitar.

Finally, filler guitar part was recorded with the same amp, same settings, just a different guitar. I used a Fender Venus with modified pick-ups.again one single take.

Everything was then mixed using the DPS and Event ASP8's and outputed to the Tascam CD_RW900 and the recorded level was adjusted using the master fader on the DPS to set the output.

Converted the file in Soundforge to an MP3 and done.

It was fun and the recording took about 5 hours with me doing all the mic placement and playing all the instruments.

I can't wait till I have some real time to indulge.

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