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The Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit returns on June 9-10

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Tuesday May 22, 2018

Eight years ago, the first edition of the Stompbox Exhibit, hosted in a tiny venue in downtown Manhattan, created an entirely new expo concept that allowed city guitarists to try - for free - dozens of pedals in the headphones without having to travel to out-of-town convention centers.

Since then, the event has been growing to become the biggest guitar pedal expo in the world with an average attendance of 1k visitors, while expanding to include yearly events in new locations like Austin (during SXSW), Toronto and Los Angeles.

The flagship, biggest, and best attended SBE show, however, is still the Brooklyn one, which this year is scheduled for the first time in the spring - and more precisely on the weekend of June 9-10.

Hosted in a new and bigger location in the musicians-packed Bushwick neighborhood, this year's Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit will also debut a Vintage Guitar Exchange component involving several local guitar stores. Therefore, New Yorkers in search for the guitar of their dreams can bring their old six strings and exchange it for a classic vintage model!

Guitarists are invited to bring their own guitar to try the pedals - although there will be demo guitars available.

As if that wasn't enough, organizers decided to host that same weekend and in the same space their uber-popular electronic instrument event called the Brooklyn Synth Expo, which is bound to trigger an interesting cross-pollination between two formats that are becoming increasingly interchangeable.

Like in previous editions, this year's exhibit will include the following promotions:

List of participating manufacturers:


DR Strings


6 Degrees FX
Animals Pedal
Atomic Amps
Deep Space Devices
Death By Audio
Earthquaker Devices
Empress FX
Farm Pedals
Floating Forest FX
JHS Pedals
Jonny Rock Gear
Main Ace FX
Mastro Valvola
Mod Kits DIY
Old Blood Noise
One Control
Outlaw Effects
Pelican NoiseWorks
Rabbit Hole FX
Red Panda
Source Audio
Stacks FX
Tech 21
The King of Gear
Walrus Audio
Wampler Pedals
Wilson Effects

The Stompbox Exhibit organizers

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