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TH-1 Guitar with Speedloader Option from STHAC

TH-1 Guitar with Speedloader Option from STHAC


June 14, 2004

STHAC Guitars has introduced two new and original electric guitar
models: the TH-1 and TH-1 SL. These guitars are also available with custom
artwork from the company's Custom Shop, such as the TH-1 Sword.

The new TH-1 and TH-1 SL use a hand-made body design made with either 1 piece
of Mahogany or 2 pieces of Basswood. Other features include 22 frets on an
African deep black Ebony fingerboard, AAA flamed US Maple neck with 2 DiMarzio
Humbucker pickups of your choice. Controls consist of volume and a three-way
pickup selector. The TH-1 SL model differs with the change of a Floyd-Rose
SpeedLoader bridge instead of a Tune-O-Matic bridge with Stop Bar.


  • TH-1 – $2835
  • TH-1 SL – $2945.00

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