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TC Electronic Ships Konnekt 8 Audio Interface

TC Electronic Ships Konnekt 8 Audio Interface


TC Electronic announces that its audio interface Konnekt 8 is now shipping. The audio interface provides recording and performing musicians with the highest possible sound quality from input to the recording application.

Konnekt 8 features 2 IMPACTTM mic preamps, which are switchable to dedicated Hi-Z guitar inputs or balanced line inputs, 2 analog controlled balanced outputs, 2 AUX line in to monitor external devices, 2 coaxial S/PDIF (stereo) I/O, sample accurate MIDI and FireWire connectivity. The state-of-the art design allows the unit to be used as a stand-alone mixer with the front panel light ring providing easy access, instant control and visual feedback of important mix parameters. Konnekt 8 includes Cubase LE to allow users to start recording right out of the box. Konnekt 8 retails for EUR 320 ex. VAT.

Konnekt 8 has a number of innovative features that transcend the conventional way of thinking about audio interfaces. TC NEAR™ (Network Expandable Audio Recording) makes it possible to stack up to four Konnekts together to obtain a massive amount of I/O. Not only can multiple devices be connected to the computer, but two musicians each with a networked Konnekt 8 can direct monitor each other in real time. Users working with active monitors will appreciate the analog volume control that ensures an extremely low noise floor. Other monitoring options include two headphone outputs, one with a speaker muting function that mutes the speaker automatically when the headphone jack is plugged in.

The Konnekt 8 audio interface is based on the new DICE II digital interface chip from TC Applied Technologies. DICE II provides a very stable clock rate, crucial to digital sound quality and it ensures digital signal integrity using patent-pending Jitter Elimination Technology (JET™). Konnekt 8 also includes low latency drivers for Mac.

OS X (including the new Intel-based Macs), Windows XP and all audio applications that support WDM, ASIO and Core Audio drivers.

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