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TC Electronic Adds Assimilator Konnekt Plug-In To Konnekt 24D

TC Electronic Adds Assimilator Konnekt Plug-In To Konnekt 24D


TC Electronic is pleased to announce that its recently-introduced audio interface, Konnekt 24D, will now also include Assimilator Konnekt in addition to Fabric R reverb and Fabric C channel strip. Assimilator Konnekt is an extremely powerful equalization tool that “learns” the frequency curve of one piece of audio so it can be applied to another audio file. Units are expected to ship in August 2006 at EUR 470 retail ex. VAT.

The native fingerprint equalizer originally developed for PowerCore, Assimilator Konnekt, has been customized for Konnekt 24D. Ideal for analyzing and copying EQ curves of individual instruments, voices or reference mixes, it truly shines when applied to align the frequency response of different tracks recorded at different times compiled to appear on the same album. Assimilator Konnekt will be available for free download from

Intuitive design and TC quality effects – The 14 in 14 out (2 mic/inst/line, 2 line inputs and 4 line outputs, 8 ADAT and 2 S/PDIF (optical and coaxial) inputs and outputs) Konnekt 24D audio interface integrates TC's DSP effects in a state-of-the art design developed for recording and performing musicians seeking the highest possible sound quality from analog input through built-in real-time DSP effects to the hard disk. In addition to front panel control of internal mixer parameters, Konnekt 24D features two front panel inputs that combine TC's new IMPACT™ (Integrated Mic Preamp Circuit Technology) mic preamps with true Hi-Z input circuits optimized for guitar. Designed for use with active monitors and bundled with Cubase LE software, TC's new audio interface allows users to start recording right out of the box.

Konnekt 24D's intuitive user interface design allows users to focus on making music, not on tweaking, and with the Fabrik C channel strip and Fabrik R reverb, Konnekt 24D has the most essential music production tools covered – in renowned TC quality.

Both Fabrik effects feature TC MINT™ technology facilitating complex audio adjustments simply by moving the MINT icons around the screen. The effects are designed to work even when the unit is used in stand-alone mode, a feature that allows users to easily plug, play and monitor without needing to power up the computer.

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