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Tascam Introduces VL-S21 Compact Monitoring System


September 9, 2004

New from Tascam is a low-cost monitoring solution, the VL-S21.
This satellite speaker system pairs two thin speakers with a powered subwoofer,
designed for home recording and multimedia use. The left and right speakers
include NXT technology, which provide wider dispersion, more uniform frequency
response and reduced room interaction than traditional technologies, providing
a full-range sound according to the company, while leaving plenty of space
on your desktop.

The TASCAM VL-S21 includes a ported subwoofer that provides 5W of power to
each satellite speaker and 15W to the subwoofer. The left and right speakers
each employ a single driver. These drivers are also remarkably thin, allowing
these stylish speakers to be used at home or in the studio.

For more information, visit their web site at

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