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Tapco Introduces Link.USB and Link.MIDI Interfaces

Tapco Introduces Link.USB and Link.MIDI Interfaces


TAPCO is previewing two affordable I/O Boxes to their ever-growing family of professional audio products: the Link.MIDI and Link.USB, sporting a distinctive and attractive industrial design to offer musicians a swanky alternative for home based music production

The compact Link.MIDI and Link.USB interfaces feature silver paint, rugged rubberized side panels, TAPCO's distinctive orange graphics, and chrome knob guards that keep your vital settings in place when transporting the units in a case or backpack. Their portability is further enhanced by the addition of a swivel-foot that can be easily tucked away for transport.


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Link.USB is a two-channel, USB bus powered computer audio interface intended for plug-and-play simplicity. With two Mackie-designed mic preamps, 48v Phantom power, low latency direct monitoring, and heavy-duty compact design, the Link.USB is the perfect compliment to any computer-based recording set up.

Both MAC and PC compatible, Link.USB features 24-bit 48 kHz operation, is portable and durable, as well as affordable for the entry-level musician.


Link.MIDI is a USB bus powered, 4X4 MIDI input/output interface that allows for easy connection of keyboards, samplers, control surfaces or any other MIDI gear to a MAC or PC computer. The Link.MIDI also features a “MIDI Thru” button that makes it possible to send MIDI messages from input one to all four MIDI outputs..

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