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Thursday November 30, 2006

After spending about $1700 for a 5 song demo at a local studio, the drummer and I decided to build our own studio. It is a basement studio, but we have a vocal booth and a drum booth. For the small amount of money we have invested I think we get a decent sound. I would love input from others on what they think.

We are using a Mackie 24/8 mixer. We record to a Mackie HDR 24/96. We use no effects at all during the recording process. Not that we have anything against it, we just couldn't afford them when getting started. We have a Rhode NTK tube mic for vocals. We use Shure SM57's for snare and toms. We use the Beta 52 for Kick. We use some inexpensive Samson pencil condensers for Overhead mics. We run the bass guitar direct. Electric guitars are all recorded through a Line 6 POD XT. The acoustic guitar was miced with two Audio Technica Pro 37R's in a "Near Coincident" pattern (I think that is what it is called). Once all tracks are laid down we import the tracks from the Mackie HDR 24/96 to Mackie's Tracktion 2 software. All of our mixing, editing, effects and mastering is done in the Tracktion 2 program.

So, as far as gear goes we bought everything used on eBay (except the Tracktion 2 software) and only have about $4000 invested in gear. We have recorded 3 CD's for the band. So, we have definitely got our money out of the investment.

The song I'm sending is one from our last CD. It is a nice ballad type that starts out with just acoustic guitar and vocal and builds from there. I wrote the song in a hospital Intensive Care Unit at about 3:00 AM, watching my wife recover from an intense scoliosis correction surgery. Just wishing I could take her pain away. So that is the title of the song. Take the Pain Away.

I would love to get input on every aspect of it. The recording quality, the lyrical content and musical composition.


Josh Cupp - guitarist for instereo

Further information is available at

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