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Synapse Audio Releases Version 5.8 of Orion Pro


December 13, 2004

Synapse Audio has released Version 5.8 of Orion Pro, a soft synth workstation for the Windows platform. Orion Pro is the affordable edition of Orion, consisting of 8 tone generators, 21 effects, sequencers, and an analog-style mixer with effect sends and inserts.

The update 5.8 is freely available to registered customers, from the Synapse Audio website. It mostly extends the professional sampler module:

  • Delay/Attack time adjustable for each LFO
  • Sophisticated Editor with automatic pitch detection and easy multisample creation
  • Internal effects unit, for better SoundFont compatibility

Also new are Styles, introduced in Orion Platinum 5.8. With Styles patterns and presets can be saved in one unit, allowing easy sharing of complex sequences across projects, or with other users.

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System Requirements: Pentium P-III 450 MHz, 64mb RAM, Soundcard.

Orion Pro is available for $149 from the Synapse Audio online shop.

For more information, visit their web site at

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