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Swineshead Offers Hand-Made Pickups with Custom Looks


October 20, 2004

If you're looking for both an individual look and sound, Swineshead has a new range of hand-made and hand-wound humbuckers with a number custom materials and colors.

There are currently four different humbucker models available, the most powerful being the XBucker. A DC resistance in excess of 20k is combined with a ceramic magnet for a powerful sound, created with heavy metal in mind. The Warthog is an Alnico 5 based hubucker, with power enough to solos but with some added versatility. Next up is the Runaway, also using Alnico 5 magnets, with a sweeter, more balanced tone. And finally, there's the Condor which uses slighly underwound coils to deliver a smooth tone.

Each pickup is custom made allowing for a great deal of choice in terms of looks and sound. A wide variety of colors are available, from the familar black and cream through red, blue, green, yellow and more besides. By combining two colors on a single humbucker a truly unique looking pickup can be created.

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If you want something a bit more unusual then the pickups can also be made from a variety of beautiful woods ranging from walnut and mahogany to exotic, highly figured woods such as coolabah and york gum.

Pricing for the pickups with the standard range of colored plastic is:

  • Condor – £35
  • Runaway – £35
  • Warthog – £36
  • XBucker – £38

Wooden coils add between 3 and 5 to the price depending on the type of wood used. Shipping is free worldwide.

For more information, visit their web site at

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