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Superlux Ships S241/U3 Condenser Microphone

Superlux Ships S241/U3 Condenser Microphone


Avlex Corporation is pleased to announce that the Superlux S241/U3 Condenser Microphone is now shipping. As a true capacitor condenser microphone with a half-inch gold evaporated diaphragm, a 3-position attenuation pad switch, and a 3-position lo-cut filter switch, the Superlux S241/U3 makes an outstanding choice for those in search of a versatile studio microphone.

The microphone's slight high-end elevation in frequency response makes it an excellent choice for capturing acoustic guitar, snare drums, hi-hat, and other instruments whose transient frequency characteristics are often difficult to faithfully record. Additionally, the S241/U3 makes a compelling choice for drum overhead miking. The tailored frequency response of the S241/U3 eliminates the need to add equalization to these instruments. With its 20 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response, the new S241/U3 is ideal for many instrument miking applications. Combined with superior gain before feedback, the S241/U3 makes it easy to achieve good, strong signal levels.

The S241/U3 benefits from state-of-the-art electronic technology such as machine soldering and the latest advances in surface mount components. These innovations result in greatly decreased self noise and make the microphone extremely reliable.

On the exterior, the microphone has an attractive, durable gray finish, and the brand name and all additional markings are handsomely engraved into the body of the microphone.

The new Superlux S241/U3 ships with the HM-40 shock mount clip, S-09 foam windscreen, and the HM-43 anti-POP screen. For protection and storage, the S241/U3 is housed in a sturdy, foam-lined plastic carrying case. Optionally available is the PS-2B Phantom power adapter.

The Superlux S241/U3 Condenser Microphone carries a MSRP of $250. It is available now.

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