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Studiomaster Introduces C3X Rackmount Mixer with DSP

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Thursday May 26, 2005

New from Studiomaster is the C3X mixer, aimed at small PA (solo, duo, karaoke) and installs (houses of worship, schools, clubs, audio for video suites and conference systems). The 1U high rack mount 12 input C3X provides the essential features of larger format mixers but contains them in a much smaller package.

The four balanced XLR/Jack combi inputs, (two located on the front and two on the rear panel), provide connection for mic and line level sources. Phantom power is available for all four mic inputs and switchable in pairs (1-2 & 3-4). The four stereo inputs feature 1/4" jack inputs. Two of the four stereo inputs use both jack and RCA phono connectors, ideal for most playback formats and electronic instruments. All inputs have a post fader and monitor auxiliary send. The C3X also provides XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced main outputs as well as main insert jacks for additional processing.

The C3X is also the first product to be fitted with Studiomaster's new custom effects DSP. This sports not only reverbs and delays but also the 'vocal' effect settings found in other Studiomaster products.

The C3X is supplied with removable rack ears for stand-alone operation. There is also a second model called C3, identical, except without the DSP section.

Suggested List Price: $359.00

For more information, visit their web site at

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