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Studio to Go! Version 1.50 Announced

Studio to Go! Version 1.50 Announced


Fervent Software has announce version 1.50 of their Studio to Go! integrated music software. Studio to Go! v1.50 gives you the latest Linux music technology on a single bootable CD that provides the ability to compose, record and mix on any PC without having to install it. It runs entirely from the CD, configures itself automatically and allows you to save compositions on your favorite storage device.

Studio to Go! v1.50 includes many improvements on the original version including a new Rosegarden sequencer that includes multi-track audio recording and hardware sync, the latest Ardour digital audio workstation and a new look for the Hydrogen drum machine. All of these applications and the many more included in Studio to Go! work together to allow you to compose, record and mix.

Now for the first time, Fervent Software are also making available the “Rosegarden Companion” (183 pages, D. Michael McIntyre 2005) – the essential guide to getting the best out of the open source sequencer. Fervent are now offering the latest and greatest version of Studio to Go!, the Rosegarden Companion and a 128MB USB clipdrive all for £79.99GBP plus shipping. A CD-only package can be purchased for £54.99 plus shipping.

For more information, visit their web site at

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