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Studio B Sample Library Provides Drums, Bass, and Guitar

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Thursday July 7, 2005

Bela D Media has announced Studio B, an all-in-one solution, consisting of a chromatically multi-sampled acoustic bass guitar, electric guitar (a clean version of the Lyrical Distortion guitar) and three separate drum kits; two played with sticks and one played with hot-rod brushes.

The acoustic bass guitar features separate index finger and middle finger variations for every articulation, including sustains, marcatos, pops, slaps and more... (not to mention effects and slides toolbox).

The clean electric guitar is simple yet powerful - not distorted to the point of being crunchy, but it's amped, not direct in. The Studio B guitars unique programming includes vibrato depth/speed control via mod wheel, while real-time harmonic feedback can be dialed in via CC knob ( Resonator Technology developed with Theo Krueger). All articulations are at your fingertips from one MIDI channel.

Last, the acoustic drum kits were recorded and programmed in the true multitrack technique used by all professional recording studios. The user is provided with eight mic positions including full bleed in every mic. One snare crack and its felt through all the mics, which can be assigned to separate outputs from Kontakt, allowing for individual gating, EQing and reverb'ing of each mic. Two kits were played with sticks and one kit was played with hot-rod brushes.

Studio B is shipping in Kontakt format on May 25th for $149 (marked down from MSRP of $199 until June 25th). GigaStudio/HALion formats to ship late June.

System Requirements: DVD-ROM drive, Kontakt 1.5.3, 768MB+ of RAM, 3GBs free hard disk space

For more information, visit their web site at

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