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Straub Amplifiers Launches Twisted Triode 12-Watt Amplifier

Straub Amplifiers Launches Twisted Triode 12-Watt Amplifier


A 12 watt amp that offers clean headroom, full thick crunchy rhythm tones all the way to full-on screaming lead guitar sounds is the latest creation from Straub Amplifiers.

The uniquely designed Twisted Triode has its own sonic signature. By utilizing the power of 2A3 power triodes it delivers deeper, thicker, richer tones than those of your typical lower wattage EL84 or single ended amps. At the same time it has more raucous sounds than those of your typical 6V6, 6L6 or EL34 amps. And it does all this in a 12-watt amp.

The Twisted Triode design is based on an old-school true triode power tube developed in the 1920's for radios. These triodes provide a very linear response and sound wonderful in audio circuits.

“Most guitar amplifier companies have overlooked this tube because its old design is inefficient and difficult to drive,” says Harry Straub, founder of Straub Amplifiers. “But it is those factors that actually make it perfect for a low wattage guitar amplifier design because it allows us to drive them at full Class A Push/Pull power levels and to deliver comfortable home listening levels.” All the large tube manufactures still produce these tubes so the prices are reasonable and they are easily available. The Twisted Triode is a 0 negative-feedback, Class A design, giving the amp a wide open full sound.

Perfect for Studios, Small gigs and Madison Square BasementThe design was borne out of many of Straub's customers commenting that they want full push/push, Class A amplifier tones in an amp that works at home playing levels as well as out at gigs. The Twisted Triode fits that need by providing a full-range master volume control allowing for low volume playing, but also offering a built in all-tube boost circuit to drive the volume over the loudest drummer.

Packaged in a solid Sapele wood cabinet with dovetailed corners, it looks great in the living room and on stage. Studios will love the low noise level design, the circuit includes a bias and balance circuit allowing a technician to balance the tubes and dial out any hum. This also eliminates the need for the owner to buy matched power tubes! The all hand-wired turret board construction along with a 'wireless' front end, keeps the amp whisper quiet.

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Product Specifications:

Output = 12 watts Power Tubes = 2 x 2A3s, Preamp tubes = 1 X 12AT7, 1 X 12AX7, 1 X 6SN7 Controls: Bass, Middle, Treble, Master, Gain & Boost switch Transformers are custom built by Heyboer

The Twisted Triode also has an engraved, backlit, acrylic faceplate and is enclosed in a beautiful, solid, dovetailed Sapele cabinet.

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