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“Storm” by Lugany


Creating music in the PC studies about 6years.Often there is a quiet themes, as chillout or downtempo, but sometimes create something faster and harder, either electric or rock.

Btw style is very dont´sort.The creation of music on a computer, I tried it a few programu.

První program named Vojetra (2 years) which was poze midi orchestrátor.Den I discovered FL-studio 3 (4 years) from which I was absolutely enthusiastic to meet me in terms of control neat.

This program and I stayed the longest time, I got through 4.verzion the 5th and then I stay.

Asi before I took the Cubase SX3 (1 year) and use it alternately with the FL-studio.What regards Cubase so this is a very successful professional and I can say that after I was still at the beginning and I have teach.

Ebook = Equipping Your Home Recording Studio
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Programs are a lot of what I tried to creating more, for example, Reason, Cakewalk, Sonar … but every time I returned to FL studio.After entire period, however, I have not changed the final adjustment program which provides for the resulting wave or mp3 files, which appoint Cool Edit 2.1 with which I am more than satisfied

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10 Common Vocal Recording Mistakes

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