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STHAC Introduces 7-String Virtuoso Model


September 29, 2004

STHAC Guitars announced the introduction of a new model to
the line of electric guitars – the Virtuoso 7-string.

Constructed using a 12mm Solid Maple Top (soft and smooth carved-top with
2 cutways allow easy access to the higher frets) and 1-piece Solid US Alder
back with a AAA hard-rock flamed US Maple neck and a and deep black 24-fret,
25.5″ scale African Ebony fingerboard, the Virtuoso 7 is really designed for
lead/shredder guitar players and for intensive gigs.

Electronics include 2 DiMarzio pickups – the AirNorton 7 and Evolution 7 –
with three-way switching, volume, and tone controls. The guitar also features
a Floyd-Rose Original 7 tremolo.

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The Virtuoso 7 is available in Blue, Red, White and Black finishes, as well
as with custom artwork, such as the Virtuoso 7 Oceane.

MSRP: $2862.

For more information, visit their web site at www.sthacguitars.com

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