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Steve Morse, Music Man Celebrate 20 Years with Signature Y2d Guitar


Music Man and Steve Morse mark the 20 year anniversary of the Steve Morse signature guitar, first created in 1985, with the new Steve Morse Y2d signature model.

Updated features will include a poplar body with maple top in flame or quilt, cream binding and a solid black finish on the back of the guitar. Three DI-Marzio pickups in H-S-H configuration features a new custom wound single coil pickup in the middle position. A 2-way toggle and 3-way lever switch controls various pickup selection options.

Another feature will allow guitarists to alter the 3-way lever through the control cavity on the back. A jumper connection can be manipulated without soldering to change the pickup sequence from bridge, neck, and middle to the more traditional pickup sequence bridge, middle, and neck.

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The Y2d will come in three new translucent finish options; Purple Sunset, De-Purple Burst and Tobacco Sunburst. To accent the overall appearance, this instrument will have a clear pickguard to show its grain. A slimmer neck profile will be standard issue, faithfully recreated from Steve Morse's number one stage guitar from 1985. This particular neck has seen eight refrets and 20 years of worldwide stage and studio use.

Current list price including case will be $2,095 (standard bridge) and $2,245 with tremelo. The original Steve Morse model will still be available at the current retail of $1,765 (standard) and $1,915 (tremelo).

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