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Sterling ships S400 and S450 professional studio headphones

Sterling ships S400 and S450 professional studio headphones


Designed for the discriminating professional recording engineer and studio recordist who needs an uncompromising set of headphones, Sterling's new S400 and S450 studio headphones combine excellent audio quality for critical monitoring with outstanding comfort for extended use. Both models feature Sterling's high-definition transducers, which provide an advanced soundstage for superior sound reproduction with intimate, mid-range clarity and articulate low- and high-frequency response.

The S400 and S450 employ a closed-back, circumaural design that delivers the superior isolation required for professional recording, as well as the comfort needed for long sessions. Both models provide removable, replaceable, and lockable ear cushions. Transportation and storage are easy and convenient, thanks to a foldable design with a collapsible earcup mechanism. The detachable 8-foot headphone cable has a twist lock 1/8-inch connector and ¼-inch adapter.

Sterling S 450

The Sterling S400's 40 mm drivers use neodymium magnets and oxygen-free copper voice coils to deliver impressive output, up to 101 dB SPL, over an extended 15 Hz to 24 kHz frequency range, even when using low-power, portable amp devices. They can handle up to 60 mW of input power. The S450 uses 45 mm drivers with neodymium magnets and copper-clad aluminum-wire voice coils to further extend the frequency response to 15 Hz to 28 kHz, with superb low-end clarity, making them suitable for the most demanding reference monitoring. The S450 can deliver up to 103 dB SPL and handle up to 100 mW of input power.
Both models offer rotatable ear cups for custom adjustment and convenient single-ear monitoring. The S400 ear cups can rotate up to 90°, while the S450 ear cups can rotate up to 180°.
Sterling S400 and S450 headphones are available now for $69.99 and $99.99, respectively, at Guitar Center and at Musician's Friend. For more information, visit

About Sterling Audio

Sterling Audio produces exceptional recording studio solutions including reference monitors, headphone amps, mic accessories and best-in-class tube, ribbon, and FET microphones offering exceptional sound quality and unprecedented value for any recording application or budget. You can learn more about the complete lineup of Sterling products at

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For more information contact: Sterling Audio, P.O. Box 5111, Thousand Oaks, CA 91359.

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