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Stereoscope Launches Harmonic Overdriver Effect


October 18, 2004

New from Stereoscope is the new Harmonic Overdriver SSHO-1 effect pedal. Through its design, SSHO-1 adds energy to even order harmonics. The Harmonic Overdriver can be used to add a bit of edge to your sound or you can turn it up to produce a thick distortion.

SSHO-1 features:

  • Level, Drive and Harmonics controls
  • Thick-Thin tone control switch
  • True bypass heavy-duty stomp switch
  • Switchcraft input and output jacks
  • LED effect on indicator
  • DC power jack
  • Built into a sturdy metal case
  • Hand made in Canada

The Harmonic Overdriver can be purchased from the Stereoscope website for $110 Canadian (aprox. $90 US)

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