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Steinberg Introduces Cubase 4 And Cubase Studio 4

Steinberg Introduces Cubase 4 And Cubase Studio 4


Steinberg Media Technologies is proud to announce a new generation of its world-renowned Cubase music production software range. Cubase 4 and its streamlined sister product, Cubase Studio 4, include a range of groundbreaking new features and technologies that offer enhanced capabilities and workflow for musicians, producers and other audio professionals worldwide.

Arnd Kaiser, Steinberg's Senior Product Manager for Music Technology, comments: “Cubase 4 has been designed to deliver tools for professionals in a way that opens up new avenues of creativity. Features like SoundFrame™, for example, turn previously mundane tasks like browsing for files into a creative part of the composition and production process in a way previously unavailable in music production software.”

New features in Cubase 4 include:

SoundFrame™ universal sound manager helps users organize, preview and retrieve audio, video and project files, patches for software and hardware synths, Track and Instrument Presets and much more, including the powerful MediaBay browser and media file management system

Control Room* seamlessly integrates Cubase 4 within analogue monitoring environments with up to four separate monitor mixes, external audio input integration, speaker selection, talkback and more

Brand new VST3 plug-in set with over 30 new plug-ins including StudioEQ*, Cloner, ModMachine, AmpSimulator and guitar tuner, new Multiband Compressor and many more

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New VST instruments: 3 outstanding new synthesizers: Prologue, Spector* and Mystic* as well as HALion One sample player with hundreds of new instruments based on Yamaha Motif waveforms

New redesigned user interface with enhanced navigability, configurable channel strip and track inspector as well as a range of new mixer functions

Enhanced Score and Notation features further extend Cubase extensive functionality by adding new settings dialogue, symbol inspector and two new score fonts

New Instrument Track class accelerates handling of VST Instruments and combines MIDI and plug-in automation within the same track

Cross platform support for Windows® and Mac OSX Universal Binary

Cubase 4 or Cubase Studio 4?Cubase Studio 4 is a streamlined version with many of the same technologies that make version 4 the best Cubase ever. Tailored for composers, musicians and project studios as well as students and educators, Cubase Studio 4 offers professional music production technology streamlined to offer a high-quality set of essential tools and features at a lower price point than Cubase 4.

Customers updating from Cubase SL3 will find new features such as full score editing and printing, the enhanced AudioWarp functions as well as Studio Connections Recall support. Customers who purchase Cubase 4 will find additional advanced features required for the final production phases including surround support, full Control Room functionality and specialized plug-ins and tools for creating a final mixdown.

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