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Monday December 17, 2012

I own a small personal recording studio in where my group/ label records all of our own songs. I record my team, and using adobe audition 3.0 I mix and master each of our songs.

To begin I sit with an instrumental that we have leased, or created ourselves and we begin the musical process. Once we have the chorus and verses we lay it down, usually taking a couple takes to make sure it is perfect.

After the chorus we record the verses in chronological order. After everything is recorded into the song I mix and master, canceling certain frequencies and messing with volume so the song has a level volume.

I add in the usual compressor, eq, chorus and pre amp emulator to give the song a clear quality. Depending on the genre of song, ill add lo-fi or a flanger to the background, or add libbs of the verses and chorus to make the song phatter than it already is.

After adding effects and mastering the song we as a group sit and listen to the music in an open room with studio monitors so we can get a flat sound and hear how the song sounds completed. If there are any tweaks that must be made we go back in and fix what has to be fixed.

After that we release to close friends to see what their take on the song is. If everything is good we release the sompleted song. Although there is much more that goes into recording a song, I gave you the overview of our recording process.

Please consider New Genre Ent. I hope you enjoy thanks.

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