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Stage Magic Launches Second Generation PedalSnake


August 2, 2004

Stage Magic recently announced the introduction of the all-new
PedalSnakeG2 system. Featuring many enhancements over the original G1 PedalSnake,
the G2 offers guitarist the ability to expand or change their pedal setup
without sacrificing their original PedalSnake investment.

PedalSnake is Stage Magic's patented “FX pedal solution” that carries both
instrument audio signals and low-voltage effects-pedal power in a single cable.
It eliminates the clutter of cables that run between a musician's effects pedals
and amplifier, without multiple pedal-power supplies, unnecessary guitar cords
and AC power extension cords. G2 provides a single, flexible, multi-line “snake” cable
which is easy to handle onstage, easy to coil for storage, and quickly plugs-in
with its color GuitarLines and low voltage PowerLines. Time is saved and the
look is very clean .

Since guitarists change their rigs so often, PedalSnake G2 is a “system” concept.
When a guitarist's rig changes, G2 easily changes as well. A total of eight
(8) mono GuitarLines and PowerLines is now possible, as well as stereo audio, “foot
switch” lines and different power connectors.

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“The Generation 2 PedalSnake is an exciting entry into the guitar FX pedal
market,” says Jody Page, Stage Magic President. “Our new MIDI “interface connector” was
chosen as a “highly reliable” connector, and now allows the immediate use of
MIDI, with no mod's or adapters. GuitarLines and PowerLines are created with
Plug and Play Pigtials (P3's) having female MIDI connectors. These P3 interfaces
allow the user to select a mix of up to eight (8) analog Guitarlines and PowerLines
for any pedal system configuation. G2 also lowers PedalSnake costs. Combine
this flexibilty and affordability with our patented shielding scheme and PedalSnake
G2 will revolutionize how guitarists design and use their pedal rigs.”

PedalSnakeG2 uses high quality twisted-shielded-pair microphone cable which
is specially wired to eliminate crosstalk between unbalanced GuitarLines and
PowerLines within the snake. This patented process insures noise free performance
without any sound or tone coloration.

For more information, visit their web site at

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