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Split monitoring

Description and application of split monitoring in mixing consoles.


A recording console has two types of signal source. One is from the microphone
and line inputs. The other is from the already-recorded signals on the multitrack
tape. To record overdubs, these must be mixed together for the monitor mix and
headphone foldback.

A split monitoring console has a number of input channels, plus a number of
monitor channels with reduced facilities.

Since a simple monitor mix is often all that is necessary, the monitor section
of a split console will typically offer only level and pan controls. PFL is
handy too.

Although the split monitoring console is now considered old-fashioned, there
are still such consoles in day-to-day use. The concept is still valid and we
may see a return to split monitoring consoles in the future.

Also, an understanding of split monitoring helps make it clear why current
consoles use the alternative inline monitoring.

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