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Spectral Shapers Available in AU Format

Spectral Shapers Available in AU Format

Already available in VST format for Windows and Mac, the Spectral Shapers plug-in bundle has now been released in AudioUnit format for OS X.


Spectral Shapers Now Available in AudioUnit Format





March 25, 2004

SoundHack Spectral Shapers has been released in the Audio Unit plugin format, making it compatible with Digital Performer 4.1, Emagic Logic, and Apple GarageBand as well as all other Audio Unit hosts. It is being released as a downloadable bundle which also includes VST versions for OS X, OS 9 and Windows. A boxed CD will soon be available.

SoundHack Spectral Shapers is a collection of 4 plugins based on processes from the program SoundHack. This collection includes:

  • +spectralcompand – a spectral compressor/expander suitable for (but not limited to) broadband noise reduction

  • +binaural – an HRTF spatializer with LFO

  • +morphfilter – a pair of drawable, variable depth filters that can morph between each other

  • +spectralgate – a spectral gate and ducker which can focus on and bring out any part of a sound

The manual is included in the archive. Presets are also included as good starting points for some of the plugins.

A 14-day demo can be downloaded from their web site.

Price: $150 USD

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For more information, visit their web site at

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