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SoundToys Now Shipping EchoBoy TDM Plug-In

SoundToys Now Shipping EchoBoy TDM Plug-In


SoundToys Inc. (formerly Wave Mechanics) announced the availability of EchoBoy TDM, an echo/delay plug-in for Pro Tools systems and the latest toy in the SoundsToys line of plug-ins for Digidesign's Pro Tools systems.

Analog emulation lets EchoBoy TDM recreate the sound of a wide array of echo and delay devices, past and present. EchoBoy's new Advanced Analog Mode and selectable 'Echo Styles' allow users to change the entire sonic signature from pristine digital delay, to high quality tape echo, to lo-fi analog delay pedals, and classic echo boxes.

“Designing EchoBoy has been one of our most challenging design projects. Echo effects are so useful and have such a long history, that almost everyone has an opinion – and they're all different! We spent months talking to users, scouring eBay and vintage gear dealers, listening to and analyzing all sorts of echo effects. In the end, we built something that we just love to play with ourselves, and we hope our users will feel the same way,” comments Ken Bogdanowicz, SoundToys' founder and CEO.

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Featuring intricate rhythm capabilities thanks to SoundToys' new True Groove rhythm technology, EchoBoy TDM lets users change the rhythm of their delays to allow the echo to swing and jam along with the mix. EchoBoy TDM includes adjustable swing/shuffle and accent for a truly musical echo sound. Users can tweak the feel control from 'rushin' to 'draggin' so the echo hits right where it sounds best. MIDI tempo locking also lets users lock to the session tempo with the flip of a switch.

EchoBoy TDM is loaded with over 300 professionally crafted presets and a host of other features including single, dual, ping-pong and rhythm modes, dynamics control, 3-band EQ with decay shaping, stereo imaging control, advanced analog mode and true TDM (not HTDM) support on Pro Tools HD and HD Accel systems.

Pricing and Availability

For a limited time only (until May 23rd), EchoBoy TDM will be available for only $295.00 US, compared to a regular MSRP $495.00. A free 14 day, production-ready trial version is also available for download.

EchoBoy TDM works in Digidesign's TDM, RTAS and AudioSuite plug-in formats and supports Pro Tools HD, LE and HD Accel.

For more information, visit their web site at www.soundtoys.com

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