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SoundJump Creates New VDM-1 Vintage Drum Machines Products


After receiving an overwhelming response and rave reviews on their VDM-1 Vintage Drum Machines ReFill, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the “VDM-1 Vintage Drum Machines Sample Collection” and “VDM-1 Vintage Drum Machines Bundle”.

“We had many people contacting us for a WAV file version of the VDM-1 so they could use the drum sounds in other applications, and hardware and software samplers” said SoundJump CEO Antony Livoti.

The “VDM-1 Vintage Drum Machines Sample Collection” contains all of the high quality, meticulously sampled sounds of the VDM-1 ReFill organized into folders by drum machine name in WAV file format. There are over 670 WAV files that can be used in any program or software sampler as well as any hardware device that imports the WAV file format. The price for the Sample Collection is $34.95 and is available as an instant download from SoundJump’s secure website.

The “VDM-1 Vintage Drum Machines Bundle” contains both the Reason VDM-1 ReFill and VDM-1 Sample Collection for a discounted price of $49.95 and is also available now as an instant download.

The VDM-1 is a collection of 12 of the most famous drum machines ever created, and is for the drum machine “purist” who requires the most authentic recreations for their collection and or production studio client’s needs.

The 12 meticulously sampled drum machines are:

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Roland TR-808Roland TR-909Roland TR-707Roland TR-727Oberheim DMXMXR-185Sequential DrumtraksSimmons SDSVEmu DrumulatorCasio SK-1Roland TR-727Ace Tone Rhythm Ace

The collection of drum machines were all sampled using Class A preamps with high resolution A/D converters and features 4 Different versions of each sample:

Natural – are the original or “natural” sounding samples of the drum machines. This is as “true” as you can get to the original sound as no other processing was used.

Distorted – features “distorted” samples of the drum machines. This selection was recorded and then processed using some of the best distortion modeling algorithms available. This set offers a great alternative sound and gives “new life” to the vintage sounds.

Production – were recorded and then processed using a “Transient Modulator”, which brings all the sounds of these vintage machines up to date and modernizes them as their transients or “attacks” contain much more “punch” and cut right through today’s mixes.

Reverb – were recorded and then processed using a classic digital reverb algorithm from the 80’s. This set offers the typical reverb sound of the era in which these great machines were used.

The VDM-1 ReFill features stunning Combinator backdrop graphics that emulate the original machine's look and feel. Redrum, NN-XT kits, and Multi-out presets for Rewire Master hosts like Pro Tools, Cubase and others and 'All Kicks', 'All Snares', 'All Claps' etc, mega presets finish off the offering and make it complete.

The VDM-1 ReFill has over unique 50 Presets and contains 670+ samples, which can be used in any Reason device that loads .wav files. And as a bonus, 'Hi-Tec' blank backdrops are included to use with your own Combinator devices.

Visit today for demos and to purchase the VDM-1.

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