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SoundField Announces Software Driven SPS200 Surround Microphone

SoundField Announces Software Driven SPS200 Surround Microphone


SoundField announces the compact and lightweight SoundField SPS200 A-Format microphone for stereo and 5.1 surround recording. Designed for computer-based field and studio broadcast and recording applications, the SPS200 offers software plug-in A-Format to B-Format conversion, plus stereo and surround sound decoding and manipulation in place of an outboard control unit.

The most affordable of the SoundField Technology product range, the relatively lightweight SPS200 A-Format microphone uses the same established SoundField multi-capsule technology as the high-end models and offers many of the mpressive features of the company's more expensive microphones. The SPS200 provides the ability to capture 5.1, 6.1, 7.1-channel audio and simultaneous stereo with variable width and to continuously vary the effective polar pickup pattern and orientation without moving the microphone.

The SPS200 comprises four low-noise, studio grade condenser capsules and weighs-in at less than 8 ounces (220 grams). Offering standard 48V phantom power, compatibility with all equipment is ensured through a provided short breakout cable that offers four line level outputs on balanced XLR connectors.

The first SoundField microphone to not require an accompanying outboard control unit, the SPS200 A-Format microphone relies on software for all format conversion, decoding and manipulation. The SoundField Conversion Lounge plug-in handles A to B-Format conversion and the SoundField Surround Zone plug-in looks after all aspects associated with stereo and surround sound decoding and manipulation. The software is compatible with Digidesign Pro Tools|HD and all PC and Mac DAW platforms that support VST Multichannel, including Nuendo, Cubase and Soundscape.

In addition to A-Format to B-Format conversion, the software supports many other features, for example allowing for 360-degree rotation and ±45-degree tilt control. A Zoom function gives the effect of zooming in or out from the sound source while End Fire re-orients the mic for end fire use rather than the more standard side address. An Invert function maintains the correct three-dimensional perspective in both surround and stereo when the SPS200 is suspended upside down above the sound source.

The software offers six modes for surround sound applications, including three 5.1 presets plus 6.1, 7.1 and 8-channel presets, with variable control of the front and rear width and rear polar patterns. In stereo mode, the software offers adjustment of polar patterns, stereo width and a high-pass filter as well as a Mid/Side (M/S) encoder.

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