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Soundelux E47C Tube Condenser Mic Announced

Soundelux E47C Tube Condenser Mic Announced


TransAudio Group, U.S. distributor for Soundelux Microphones, will introduce the manufacturer's new E47C tube condenser microphone at the upcoming 119th AES Convention in New York. The new Soundelux E47C recreates the cherished “cardioid only” characteristics of the original 1950s era German tube 47, which was typically used almost exclusively in that mode.

Like the original, the E47C displays a signature proximity effect that is sure to make it popular for close-worked male and female vocals. Offering 12dB of boost at 100Hz when used at a one-inch working distance, the original 47 is synonymous with big vocals and is indelibly linked with a diverse roster of artists, including Frank Sinatra, Led Zeppelin and Sheryl Crow.

When working at a greater distance, the signature head grille sound of the tube 47 produced a sound that made it the go-to mic for engineers recording everything from brass-heavy jazz big bands to more intimate ensembles of any instrumentation. The E47C will likewise bring an intimate, warm tone to cello, violin and acoustic or electric bass, and an astounding impact to individual drums or entire kits. A solo singer playing acoustic guitar may be recorded with just one E47C.

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Hand-built and costing about half of the current market value of the original classic, the E47C features a NOS Telefunken Large Plate EF814k tube for delivering unique vintage amplification and dynamics response, a N470 power supply, custom 20-foot Soundelux cable between the power supply and mic, 47 suspension clamp-type shockmount with wood box. Replacement parts are readily available.

Soundelux Microphones are distributed by TransAudio Group.

MSRP: $4,250.00

For more information, visit their web site at

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