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Sound Design Calculator Software Utility Released

Sound Design Calculator Software Utility Released


June 19, 2004

The Sound Design Calculator is a software designed by Down Stage
Designs, a Chicago-based company. The SDC program is engineered to run as
an Excel application, takes up virtually no hard drive space, and uses almost
no memory. This allows programs such as SMAART, XTA, or Soundweb to be run
simultaneously without risking computer stability. The small size also lends
its self conveniently to run on Palm Pilots and other PDAs.

SDC offers several resources categorized and indexed for quick reference for
all facets of the sound industry:

Forms and Charts

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SDC offers typical forms needed for a smooth production, including an input
list that automatically produces an accurate patch sheet for stage engineers.
One can quickly reference Metric to English units with just a few quick keystrokes.
SDC also offers midi reference tables for a quick reference. With SDC on their
system, a professional has all of the data needed to make quick work of these
tasks at their fingertips.


One can calculate bridal angles and loads quickly and easily. SDC determines
balanced load weight, etc. SDC takes the guesswork out of rigging.


With a quick glance one can see predicted SPL, per venue. One can quickly
set system delays with minimal thought and time. With SDC, quick reference
material, such as Q vs. Bandwidth and Wavelength vs. Freq, is always at hand

The Sound Design Calculator program is now available to all sound engineering
professionals. This program is available in a shareware form.

For more information, visit their web site at www.downstagedesigns.com

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