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Sonik Capsules to Ship in September


August 26, 2004

Sonic Reality's Sonik Capsules multiformat sound libraries and
plug-in are slated to start shipping in September 2004. The lineup consists
of six titles, revised from the initial announcement, and all Sonik Capsules
include IK Multimedia's SampleTahk 2 LE for OS X and Windows, so you don't
need a sampler already to use them.

Sonik Capsules include Sonic Reality's exclusive UFO software, allowing each
Sonik Capsule title is able to work as a “native” sample library in the most
popular software samplers including SampleTank, Steinberg HALion, Emagic exS24,
Native Instruments Kontakt and Battery, Propellerheads Reason NNXT and more,
all from the same package.

Sonik Capsules will initially consist of 6 new titles. Each title specializes
in offering a focused collection of sounds on a single disc. These first titles

  • Acoustic Guitar Capsule – This title offers acoustic 6-string, 12-string,
    dobros, and banjos, made by companies like Gibson, Taylor, Martin, National,
    and more.
  • Electric Guitar Capsule – Instruments captured in this title include the
    Les Paul, SG, Strat, Tele, pedal steel, and hollowbodies.
  • Bass Guitar Capsule – Features some of the most desirable and popular bass
    instruments like the Precision and Jazz basses, Hofner Beatle Bass, Music
    Man, and a Chapman Stick.
  • Studio Drums Capsule – A variety of acoustic kits including jazz, brush,
    heavy rock, funk, and others..
  • Eclectic Drums Capsule – The Eclectic Drums Capsule adds effected acoustic
    and electronic drum kits to your sample collection, suitable for electronic
  • Groove Capsule – Both a module and a library with over 500 new drum loops
    covering many music genres.

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These guitar and bass titles are also available in a convenient 3-Pack collection
called Guitar Capsule 3-Pack, as are the drum titles.

Sonik Capsules are the are able to work in many of the most popular samplers.
Sonic Reality has achieved this with a proprietary software application called
UFO (Universal Format Outputter), which uses a built-in Translator engine combined
with an intelligent sound library installer to offer this flexibility of native
sound support in so many possible formats. Starting from the wave content,
the UFO is able to install the Sonik Capsule titles onto a hard drive in all
of the supported formats with true native compatibility and even enhanced programming
which is something mere translation software cannot do.

The included SampleTank 2 LE software, a special version of IK's SampleTank
2 plug-in sample workstation, offers support for RTAS, VSTi, DXi, MAS and Audio
Units plug-in formats for MacOSX and Windows XP. Plus all Sonik Capsules have
been expertly programmed to take full advantage of the many features included
in SampleTank 2 LE

Price and availability

Sonik Capsules have an introductory MSRP of $99 each, $129 each starting December
1st 2004. The series is also available as a Guitar Capsules 3-Pack or a Drum
Capsules 3-Pack at introductory MSRP of $249, $299 from December 1st 2004.
These first 6 Sonik Capsules (Studio Drums, Studio Bass, Eclectic Drums, Groove,
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar) will begin shipping in September 2004.

For more information, visit their web site at www.sonicreality.com or www.sonikcapsules.com

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