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Sonicbytes Announces EST Sampling Groovebox Plug-In for PC VST Hosts

Sonicbytes Announces EST Sampling Groovebox Plug-In for PC VST Hosts


June 22, 2004

EST is a mixture of a sampler and a 12-row / 16-step-sequencer. The design with its clue editing and auto-composing features makes it easy to use, even for beginners. Professionals will find new inspirations and appreciate the modulation and automation capabilities. Live enthusiasts will love its MIDI-control features. The EST-Loop-factory comes as a VSTi-plugin, supports (optionally) multi-out.

The heart of EST is a 12 part multitimbral sampler. Each sampler can be controlled either by your host, MIDI-in or the internal step-sequencer. The step-sequencer contains 128 recallable patterns, which are organized in banks, programs and variations. Each pattern contains complete sequences with triggers, notes and automation-data for the 12 samplers.

Detailed Features:

• Imports WAV and AIF with all known sub formats
• Uses its own 32-bit-float format for setting up slots (a sample with extensions) and kits
• Quick access via tree-menus and customizable sample-directory's
• One shot, forward, backward, ping pong
• Scalable root-key
• Multi-sample support by using multiple rows and key zones (from/to)
• Keytrack-option
• Sample-offset controllable
• Up to 128 voices polyphony
• Modes: Poly, Legato and Mono
• Scalable Unison, Voice-Limit and Detune
• Chord-mode (combinable with unison)
• Oscillator mode (waveform are used as oscillators) with 2 distortion modes and lp-filter
• Volume, pan and morph with inertia
• Pitchbend (global and single) with scalable range
• Fine-tune
• Glide-mode (works even in poly mode) with adjustable glide-time
• Amplitude envelope ADSR with velocity sense.
• Modulation envelope ADSR with velocity sense (can be modulated by LFO2)
• Two syncable LFO's with sin, tri, pulse, saw, saw up/down and scalable phase
• Filter (lp, hp, bp, br, eq, ls, hs) with overdrive
• Modulation of pitch, filter, morph and mod-adsr itself
• Almost all parameters can be automated by the step-sequencer
• Loop-recorder for reuse of sequences as samples or usage in other applications
• Basic functions for mono/stereo-conversion, channel swap, normalize, gain and reverse
• Menu option to edit and reload sample in your preferred sample-editor

• Well structured, lightweight user-interface with customizable color-schemes
• Visualization of used patterns
• Step-LED's for visual feedback
• Integrated Help system
• Support for right mouse button, wheel
• Almost all functions are available without control/shift keys

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Global settings and functions
• Preset browser
• Scope and level display (with clip and sync indicator)
• Gain slider
• Songinfo (opens linked web site or document)
• Sync mode (internal, host, manual)
• Key-select (auto-activation of rows regarding key-zone)
• Grid-size (piano-roll and drum-grid)
• Record velocity, delay-time and auto-step
• Audition (editing and sample-import, velocity and gate-time)

• Host synchronization for tempo, transport
• Inter process synchronization (mute, solo, play, record)
• Relative tempo from 1/32. to 32/1t
• Sample accurate timing

Row Parameters
• Output-port (EST can use up to 12 outputs)
• Trigger channel (active, all and 1-16)
• Route (trigger other rows, make custom chords, trigger multi-samples)
• Relative transpose, velocity, gate-time and delay
• Swing affecting delay and velocity (scalable first step and interval)
• Humanization for velocity, delay and gate-time
• Step-divide, which allows to play a row in a different tempo (adjustable divide and length)

Live Control (MIDI-in targets)
• Bank, program and variation recall via midi-note
• Start/Stop, Start, Mute/Solo, Sync
• Row-mute
• Navigation and editing via controllers (every single step can be controlled)
• Midi-Learn function
• Midi-Thru
• Panic
• Transpose via midi-note (global and single-row)
• Free and Hold mode

• Step and Live recording
• Adjustable auto-step, velocity and delay
• Built-in Loop-Recorder, Wave-export
• Record loop to sample

EST will be released within the next week. Preorders are being taken now for 49 EUR.

For more information, visit their web site at

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