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Sonic Reality Releases First Updated Sonic Refill for Reason 3

Sonic Reality Releases First Updated Sonic Refill for Reason 3


Sonic Reality is relaunching their Sonic Refills product line for the just released Reason 3. Sonic Reality, who has contributed to the new Factory Sound Bank for Reason 3, is in the process of updating the entire series of Refills for the new version of Propellerhead's virtual studio. The updated versions will take advantage of Reason 3's new features like the Combinator module.

The first three titles for Reason 3 have been officially released. They are:

  • Sonic Refills vol. 11 Retro Keys
  • Sonic Refills vol. 19 Vocal Textures
  • Sonic Refills vol. 20 Mello-T

These three titles are available for purchase now from (as fully boxed versions that include both Reason 2 AND Reason 3 formats, for those of you who have not yet upgraded to Reason 3), or from (as download in Reason 3 format only). Additional Sonic Refill titles will become available in the very near future.

Anyone who purchases a different Sonic Refill title from will receive a FREE upgrade to the updated Reason 3 Refill version when available.

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For more information, visit their web site at

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