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Softube Extends Vintage Amp Room With RTAS Support

Softube Extends Vintage Amp Room With RTAS Support


Softube is now releasing the Vintage Amp Room plug-in in the RTAS format.

Vintage Amp Room, that previously was available for Pro Tools|HD only, features three great-sounding vintage amp models that handle like real amps and give a raw and highly authentic sound. It has an intuitive 3D-rendered photorealistic user interface, complete with continuous click-and-drag mic positioning.

Vintage Amp Room brings the feel and sound of real-life classic amps into the DAW. And not only does Amp Room sound like the real deal, it looks the part as well.

A free, fully functional, 10-day demo version can be downloaded.

Native VST/AU/RTAS version: €349/$429, TDM/RTAS version: €649/$799.

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