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Smart Loops Plans Multi-Format Loop CDs


December 17, 2004

Smart Loops, a provider of audio loops and web-based recording services, has announced plans to release its Smart Loops libraries in multi-format editions, supporting ACID, REX2, and Apple Loops formats. The company will be launching its new product line for 2005 at Winter NAMM in Anaheim next month.

Smart Loops' best-selling audio loop libraries include the Smart Loops Dry Studio Kit, Percussion Kit, Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars, Phat to Phreaky, as well as the recently released, 6-CD, Pro Drum Works library.

In addition, the company is now offering Harmony Central readers 25% off all of its single-CD ACID-format loop libraries, including Dry Studio Kit, Percussion Kit, Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars, and Phat to Phreaky. Harmony Cetnral readers simply need to include the coupon code HARMONY25 when checking out of the SmartLoops web store.

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Customers will also get free shipping within the U.S. when they purchase two or more CDs. This offer expires January 19, 2005. (LSD sessions, downloadable MIDI Drums, and Pro Drum Works are not included in this special offer.)

For more information, visit their web site at

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