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Slate Digital introduces the VRS8 Thunderbolt interface

Slate Digital introduces the VRS8 Thunderbolt interface


From Slate Digital:

One of the greatest parts about my job is being able to create products that I have dreamed about for years. And theVirtual Recording Studio concept has been my biggest dream.

When I started out in the studio business, in order to have the best tools, you needed to be elite, rich, or have the necessary skill set to rob a bank. The rest of us were left with average tools that made it more difficult to make great sounding music.

The Virtual Recording Studio changes that. Now you can get an entire arsenal of the industry's most coveted microphones, classic compressors, vintage equalizers, tape machines, reverbs, and more.. for less than the price of a typical pro studio’s monthly electric bill!

And the final piece of the puzzle is now available, the VRS8 Thunderbolt interface.

We took a no-compromise approach in the development of the VRS8. You’ll find its components in converters costing three times the price. And it comes with a year of the Slate Everything Bundle so you’ll have plenty of virtual gear in your studio to make great sounding records. You can also add on VMS Microphone packages for as little as $499.

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You can demo the entire Virtual Recording Studio and hear tracks recorded with the VRS8 by visiting our VRS Experience here:

Note: The initial release of the VRS8 is Mac Thunderbolt. We are currently in beta with the Windows version and hope to have it out very soon. Following that, we will release a legacy Mac driver for PCIe. | |

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