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SKYLIFE releases SampleRobot 6 Korg and Wave

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Thursday December 20, 2018

SKYLIFE’s new addition to the SampleRobot product line-up is called
SampleRobot Korg+Wave and it is available now via the dedicated online
store. It is not only for Korg users though.

SampleRobot Korg+Wave is an entry ticket to the world of automatic
sampling. The application is designed to speed up and simplify complex
audio sampling procedures and loop finding, audio editing and
multisample mapping. It can clone instrumental sounds automatically via
Midi or semi-automatically one after another for acoustic and non-Midi
instruments. Beginners can achieve excellent results with just a few
clicks. SampleRobot Korg+Wave offers multisample exports for various
Korg products including volca sample, microSAMPLER, Kronos and Pa4X. But
it's not only for Korg users. Offering export as standard wave files as
well SampleRobot Korg+Wave enriches any kind of music production and
studio facility.

SampleRobot Korg+Wave comes with the sophisticated WaveRobot wave and
transient editor / batch processor already included at the same price as
the former single WaveRobot was. So now you get all the advanced
sampling features as a bonus.

New features of SampleRobot 6 Korg+Wave

•    Modular graphical user interface.
•    Integrated central WaveRobot loop and transient editor.
•    Native MacOS and Windows 10 support.
•    Floating Peak Meter.
•    Context-sensitive project hierarchy.
•    Sample list for easy browsing and searching.
•    Optimized activation process.

Benefits of SampleRobot (abiding by relevant copyright laws and license

•    Build your own sample instruments easily.
•    Create digital copies of your favorite instruments and sounds fast.
•    Turn virtual instruments and complex sound layers into
CPU-lightweight multi-samples.
•    Play in other studios or on stage without carrying additional
keyboards / sound expanders.
•    Perform laptop-based sounds on stage without laptop by using a
hardware sample player.
•    Shape optimum loops for loop-based arrangements.
•    Build and sell/share your own sample libraries.
•    Have all your sound hardware on your hard disk and travel with your
•    Buy used gear and resell it after the automatic sampling procedure.
•    Use all your software instruments cross-platform and independently
from specific operation systems.
•    Play monophonic instruments polyphonically.
•    Have total recall and editing capabilities for all instruments in
every session.

Key features

•    Fast sampling process.
•    Fully automated workflow.
•    Sample export for Korg products and as standard wave files.
•    Intuitive project assistant.
•    Sophisticated auto-loop processing, transient recognition and
sample editing.
•    Many loop and crossfade types including auto-gain crossfades.
•    Over 400 MB premium multisamples taken from classic synthesizers

System Specifications

Mac OS 10.12. and higher, Windows 10 / 8 / 7.


Now as download from the SKYLIFE Store.

SampleRobot 6 Korg+Wave

SampleRobot 6 Pro Trial


SampleRobot 6 Korg+Wave: € 79 / $ 99
Upgrade from previous SampleRobot Korg Edition / Single-X / WaveRobot
versions: € 39 / $ 49




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