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“Simon Wood – Last Night” by Simon Wood


All instruments are tracked into the Roland VS1680. As I do everything from writing, playing and mixing I do not have the luxury of sitting behnind the glass tweaking the sopund of a mic'd amp etc.

So I record the tracks raw with mic placement based on experience of using my amps and guitars. Then I playback putting the output through the rack. Currently the rack consists of Behringer Tube Composer > Behringer ultragraph pro EQ > the aphex aural Exciter and big bottom if needed.

To make them all line up I always track the metronome or drum track for a bar and then I have a good reference point to line up the individual tracks in protools. it is longwinded but certainly quicker than having to re-record a bad sounding track because all you could hear was the amp instead of true playback.

Then I laid some synth, sytar and backing shizzle by using protools Expand, it's an easy to use FREE software that comes shipped with Protools. I have Reason 4 but I really like the ethnic instruments on expand. Then to tie it all up I used the preset in ozone for 4 band CD mastering.

I still do not know/care what it does it just works realy nice. This track is short on purpose it is about a dream of the perfect girl, that I am awoken from abruptly. Check out for more info and let me know what you think of the track.

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