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Simmons introduces ultra-portable DA25 electronic drum amplifier

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Tuesday September 25, 2018

Simmons, the first name in electronic drums, has introduced the new DA25 Electronic Drum Amplifier. The perfect first amplifier for the beginning drummer, and an excellent choice as a "grab-n-go" drum sound system for home and practice, the ultra-portable (less than 20 lbs.) DA25 joins the DA50 and DA200S in Simmons' popular line of electronic drum amplifiers.

The DA25's 25 watt power amplifier drives an 8-inch woofer and a 2-inch tweeter to deliver plenty of clean, undistorted sound across the 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range, with a response tailored for accurate acoustic reproduction of drum sounds. You'll hear all the subtleties of drums, cymbals, and dynamics. The onboard 2-band EQ features a low band centered at 60 Hz and a high band centered at 10 kHz, each with a ±12 dB sweep, so you can customize the overall sound to match your home or practice space.

Drummers will hear themselves clearly, thanks to a slanted cab design that directs the sound toward the player. A slot port at the bottom front of the enclosure enhances efficiency and bottom-end projection, and a heavy steel grille protects the speakers.

In addition to the 1/4-inch main drum input with volume knob, the DA25 offers a 1/8-inch TRS stereo auxiliary input for practicing and playing along with music from an external source, such as an MP3 player or smartphone. The volume knob and EQ knobs are dimpled for convenient adjustment with a drum stick.

The Simmons DA25 Electronic Drum Amplifier is available at Guitar Center and Musician's Friend, with a street price of $149.99. For more information, visit or your favorite music retailer.


About Simmons Drums

The first name in electronic drums, Simmons has been at the forefront of innovation for more than 40 years, offering the finest in cutting-edge, feature rich kits. From touch-sensitive pads and selectable velocity curves to the most extensive MIDI and USB implementation, Simmons has always been a leader in the electronic drum experience. To learn more, visit or your favorite music retailer.

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