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Sibelius Launches New G7 Software with Kontakt Player


August 12, 2004

Sibelius Software has introduced G7 “Kontakt” edition, a collaboration with
software synthesis company Native Instruments. G7 Kontakt builds on the successful
components of the original G7 to create a new software solution for creative
guitarists and songwriters.

Originally designed to provide players of fretted instruments a way to produce
and convert guitar tablature, the new Kontakt edition includes an array of
enhancements and brand new features offering a total end-to-end solution. New
features include access to a sample library with many sounds–drum kits, percussion
and other instruments–and the ability to burn songs to CD. Users may also
select a musical style from a dropdown menu and create an accompaniment for
their composition.

G7 is designed for guitar players and songwriters of any level to create sheet
music and tab faster and easier, as well as add lyrics and chord symbols and
instantly create lead sheets or Piano-Vocal-Guitar arrangements. G7 also enables
users to scan tab and instantly turn it into standard notation (sheet music)
or scan standard notation and turn it into tab. G7 will also read and save
ASCII tab and MIDI file formats so musicians can share music by email or on
the internet. The “virtual fretboard” provides users who don't read music the
ability to enter tab by clicking on frets; the fretboard displays fingerings
as it plays back, making it easy to learn new songs.

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Enhancements include: compatibility with the Mac OS X 10.3 Panther platform;
inclusion of Native Instruments' sample playback program Kontakt Player; improved
MIDI guitar input; a new Finale and Finale Guitar file converter; and an updated
G7 Guitar Guide. G7 Kontakt Player includes 20 high-quality guitar, bass, keyboard,
solo instrument and percussion sounds. Up to eight sounds may be used simultaneously,
and users may convert their MIDI tracks into audio tracks and save them as
.wav (Windows) or .aiff (Mac) files, accessed via a new “File/Save As Audio
Track” option and toolbar button.

The ability to enter notation and tab data directly from a MIDI guitar has
been significantly improved. G7 will accurately notate on the correct string
in tab, whether played using Sibelius Flexitime or step-time input. The G7
Guitar Guide has been updated with additional information and photos of guitars,
provided by Fender and Gibson.

The upgrade package will be available in August 2004 for current G7 users
from Sibelius for $29, and all subsequent production models will include the
feature set.

G7 is currently available at an MSRP $149.

For more information, visit their web site at www.sibelius.com

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