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“Seventeen Storms” by the Cheap Advice Guy


This song came about when I heard an announcer on the Weather Channel giving his hurricane prediction for the coming year. He said he expected seventeen storms to come down on us, and I grabbed my lyrics pad.

The recording is particularly straightforward. I wanted the rhythm guitar part to be a riff rather than the usual chords. I ended up recording the part twice and then panning the two passes far left and right in the final mix. The rhythm and lead guitars all went through a small Fender studio amp miked with an SM57. The bass guitar was played through a 15-inch cab, again miked with an SM57.

The keyboard is a low-cost Casio unit run directly to the recorder. The “Rock Organ” setting provided just the right voice for this song. The drum set is a Yamaha DTX electronic system set up to match my idea of a blues-backing drum kit. I used an SM58 microphone for the vocal tracks.

There is some slap delay on the vocals to give it that rock-n-roll sound, and I did add some short-tail reverb to several of the tracks, but otherwise there’s not much in the way of FX.

The studio recorder used for this song is a Yamaha MD8 8-track MiniDisc-based deck with a Mackie 1202VLZ mixer as a “front end.” There was no mastering done; this is the mix right off the MD8. I have a Korg D16XD, which has some very nice mastering programs, and I sometimes transfer my mixes to the Korg just to “master” them there. In this case, I thought the song sounded all right without that stage.

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