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Sequenz introduces modernized rack system for KORG Volca line

Sequenz introduces modernized rack system for KORG Volca line


To coincide with KORG’s latest volca nubass announcement, Sequenz has launched the volca rack 2×2; a sleek volca stand designed to hold multiple units at once. The volca rack is an efficient and sturdy solution to housing multiple volcas, enabling for a straight forward and seamless setup.

The volca rack can hold up to four volcas simultaneously, held durable by the aluminum framing, wooden panels and rubber legs which prevent slipping. Users can even combine the rack with a KORG SQ-1 or any FX pedal for customizable settings and can set it to be a deeper or higher configuration, depending on their preference.

The volca rack 2×2 will be available August 2019 for $99.99. For more information, visit

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